Meier Leads on Four Head at Lazy E’s Jr. Ironman
Garden City, Kansas' Trevor Meier leads the 2019 Jr. Ironman at the Lazy E Arena with a time of 49.8 seconds on four head, worth $1,000.

Trevor Meier, a freshman at Garden City (Kansas) Community College, leads the aggregate at the 2019 edition of the Lazy E Arena’s Jr. Ironman, with a time of 49.8 seconds worth $1,000. 

While Meier said he had a bobble in every event, he was a 9.2 in the heading, a 17.6 in the tie-down a 13.8 in the heeling and a 9.2 in the bull dogging. 

Meier—mainly a calf roper and bull dogger—is borrowing head and heel horses and has been practicing his team roping aggressively the last few months.

“I’m riding Reed Boos’s heel horse,” Meier said. “Reed is heading and heeling for me. Reed has been roping awesome. I high school rodeoed for him, and he’s a year below me in school. He’s the best one I could think of to help me.”

Meier, an ag-business major, will be sneaking off to rope at the college rodeo in Fort Scott, Kansas, this weekend, as well. 

“I want to go do the same thing the next two rounds,” Meier said. 

Meier is a first-time contestant in the field, though he’s been at the Jr. Ironman the past two years as a helper. He’s qualified for the National High School Finals Rodeo in the steer wrestling and tie-down roping, and won the Young Guns Association championship in the tie-down roping and steer wrestling in 2018.

The Jr. Ironman pits 10 all-around timed event contestants between the ages of 15 and 20 against one another and the clock over three rounds in the heading, tie-down roping, heeling and steer wrestling. They’re competing for a $20,000 payout, including a first-place, $10,000 check. Second will pay $5,000 and third $2,000. Each round winner receives $1,000. The Lazy E will also award a fan-voted top-horse award, worth $250. TRJ

Full results: 

1. Trevor Meier, 49.8 seconds on four head

2. Dillon Jones, 54.1 seconds on four head

3. Cole Walker, 55.5 seconds on four head

4. Quade Hiatt, 62.5 seconds on four head

5. Laine Moore, 75.1 seconds on four head

6. Hiyo Yazzie, 92.2 seconds on four head

7. Allen Morse, 92.3 seconds on four head

8. Charles Tyler West, 98.1 seconds on four head

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