Oklahoma’s Colton Scott Wins #11 Ram Exclusive and #12 Shoot-Out at 2018 USTRC Cinch NFTR
Colton Scott had the best day of his roping career in Oklahoma City this week, splitting $79,500 with two partners at the USTRC's Cinch National Finals of Team Roping.

There are good days in team roping, and then there are great days. And for Oklahoma’s Colton Scott, Tuesday, October 23, was a great day. 

Scott first won the #12 Shoot-Out heeling for family-friend Briar Teague, stretching four steers in 29.65 seconds worth $45,500. Just hours later, he came tight on his short round steer behind Missouri’s Danny Miller, winning the average in 30.77 seconds on four head, worth another $34,000 in the #11 Ram Exclusive. 

“Nothing comes close as far as money or atmosphere,” Scott said. “I’ve got to thank, first of all, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Then next would be my dad. We stay busy doctoring cattle. And my dad, he’s the biggest thing. He stayed up until midnight the week before turning me all those practice steers so without him I wouldn’t have won any of it. My dad, Shawn, and I work together on the ranch and we rope together. We’re best friends. We do everything together.”

Teague, with whom Scott won the #12 Shoot-Out, lives north of Scott in Rattan, Oklahoma, and helps the Scotts work cattle on Fridays. 

Teague and Scott | Photo by William Kierce

“Briar can outhead me and outheel me, and I talked him into heading for me and it worked out,” Scott said of his 17-year-old header. “He’ll rope professionally.”

Scott and Miller almost weren’t entered in the #11 Ram Exclusive after a misunderstanding between the two on Scott’s age, so the two were team 21A. 

“We drew three really good steers,” Miller said. “When we got done roping, we were the high call team. And we stayed high call throughout all those teams.”

Scott pointed to Miller’s exceptional head horse—11-year-old Llano—as the key to their win in the #11 Ram Exclusive. The horse came from Joel Colgrove, and Miller said he got lucky shopping for him.

“I’ve had a lot of guys try to buy that horse,” Miller said. “That’s a really nice horse.”

Miller and Scott | Photo by Kierce Photography

“When he turns steers on that horse, they’re good to heel,” Scott, who won both ropings on an 8-year-old RatCat-bred gelding that came from Jeremy Kinder in Western Oklahoma, added. 

Scott and his wife are expecting a new baby this December 12, and the couple has a daughter who will turn 2 January 5, so the money won is already spent on his girls. 

“My daughter was throwing a fit during my first victory lap because she wanted to be out there with me,” Scott said. “So I had to go get her and take a lap with her, too.”


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