Pro Rodeo Circuit Update: Garza Number-One in California; Hetzel Leads the Badlands Circuit and more
Nano Garza stays on top of the California circuit standings; Jon Peterson shuffles to first in the Badlands circuit and more.

New Mexico’s Nano Garza is currently leading the California Circuit heeling standings. He and partner Tanner Baldwin placed fourth in the average at California Rodeo Salinas with a time of 57.2-seconds on five head, worth $4,268 a man. They tied Chad Masters and Joseph Harrison for fourth on the third round with a 9.0-second-run, adding $1,270 to each of their earnings. They also placed fifth in the final round with a 10.2-second-run, worth another $450 a man. 

Garza is currently first in the California Circuit standings with $23,701.29 and 18th in the PRCA world standings with $40,588.35.

In the Maple Leaf Circuit, Dawson and Dillon Graham won the Manitoba Stampede & Exhibition in Morris, Manitoba. They roped their steer in 5.0-seconds, adding $1,740 to their earnings. They also tied Grady Quam and Coltyn Fletcher for first at the Moose Mountain Pro Rodeo in Kennedy, Saskatchewan with a 5.3-second-run, worth $1,021 a man. 

Dawson and Dillon added a total of $2,761 to their earnings, moving them both to sixth in their circuit with $7,318.99 each. 

In the Badlands circuit, South Dakota’s Jon Peterson and Idaho’s Trae Smith won the Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo in Mitchell, South Dakota with a 4.9-second-run, worth $2,588 a man.

Peterson is first in the Badlands Circuit with $8,602.80. Smith is second with $7,512.77.

Cash Hetzel is currently first in the Badlands circuit heeling standings with $7,698.65. He and partner Kade Smith tied Curry Kirchner and Daniel Reed for third at the Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo with a 6.0-second-run, worth $1,744 a man. Smith and Hetzel placed second at the Saline County Fair Rodeo in Crete, Nebraska with a 6.5-second-run, worth $427 a man. 

Derick and Brett Flemming are currently first and second in the Montana Circuit standings with $5,665.37, respectively. They won the C.M. Russell Stampede in Stanford, Montana with a 6.4-second-run, worth $954 a man. 

Dustin Bird and Riley Wilson tied Jade Gardner and Ty Hedrick for first at the Marias River Stampede in Shelby, Montana. They each roped their steer in 6.8-seconds, worth $841 a man. Bird is currently fourth in the Montana circuit standings with $4,486.70. Gardner is 17th and Hedrick is 15th with $840.71, respectively. 

New York’s Ty Barger and Resistol Rookie contender Drew Carnes won two Painted Pony Championship Rodeos in Lake Luzerne, New York. They won the first one with a 4.6-second-run, worth $563 a man. Then they won the second one with a 5.2-second-run, worth $640 a man. Barger is currently second in the First Frontier circuit standings with $4,537.17, and Carnes is third with $2,804.05.


Other PRCA Circuit Leaders as of July 25, 2019:

Badlands: Jon Peterson, $8,602.80; Cash Hetzel, $7,698.65

California: Spencer Mitchell, $18,620.36; Nano Garza, $23,701.29

Columbia River: Riley Minor, $8,681.19; Brady Minor, $8,681.19

First Frontier: Eric Fabian, $5,140.98; Jake Edwards, $5,577.48

Great Lakes: Coy Rahlmann, $9,670.37; Ryan Von Ahn, $13,604.19

Maple Leaf: Clay Ullery, $14,474.48; Riley Warren, $14,474.52

Montana: Derick Fleming, $5,665.37; Ike Folsom, $7,077.87

Mountain States: Tate Kirchenschlager, $11,451.28; Brock Hanson, $6,893.74

Prairie: Paul David Tierney, $10,893.25; Buddy Hawkins II, $11,990.89

Southeastern: Jacob Dagenhart, $13,835.19; Zack Mabry, $14,888.93

Texas: Manny Egusquiza Jr., $16,601.92; Paul Eaves, $15,921.08

Turquoise: Derrick Begay, $11,878.23; Lane Siggins, $11,450.36

Wilderness: Zane Barnson, $9,798.04; Olin Pulham, $9,798.04

Mexico: Fernando Gan Ruiz, $2,463.53; Miguel Valenzuela, $2,463.51

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