Resistol Jrs: Callahan Taylor and Kale Roark
Texan Callahan Taylor comes alive after a quiet month in the heading while Oklahoma’s Kale Roark maintains his momentum climbing the Top 5 on the heels.
Kale Roark, 15, has been working his way toward the top of the Resistol Jr. standings since May. In Novemebr, he became the No. 2 heeler after winning another 9 points at the Panhandle Classic. | Clinton Foster Photography

Just a short month after a heated USTRC Resistol Jr. standings report, only Canutillo, Texas’ Callahan Taylor and Guymon, Oklahoma’s Kale Roark were able to make moves in the Top 5 of the heading and heeling.

Top 5 Recap—Heading

Taylor, who turned 13 in November, had an effective trip to the Mesilla Valley Classic after a few quiet months. There, he went to work heading in the #11.5 USTRC to win the roping, worth 10 points and maybe a reason to extend the birthday celebrations.

The win gave Taylor just enough to edge up a place in the standings, bumping Tyler Mota from the No. 3 position by a single point.

Taylor now follows No. 2 Aiden Perrett by an even 10 points and No. 1 header Colt Hilley by 12 with just three months to go before the USTRC Cinch National Finals in Fort Worth.

Top 5 Recap—Heeling

On the heel side of the standings, Roark, 15, has been earning points since May, and his consistent try put him in the No. 5 heeling spot last month with 42 points. There, he was only a single point behind his closest competitor.

Since then, Roark went to the Panhandle Classic in November. At the event, he entered the #10.5 USTRC and claimed a fifth-place finish for 6 points to add to his total. Then, in the #9.5 USTRC, Roark snagged an eighth-place finish for another 3 points.

The 9-point jump moves Roark from the No. 5 hole in the Resistol Jr. heeling standings into the No. 2 spot. Though his work is cut out for him to catch No. 1 Houston Childers with 93 points, he now boasts a 5-point lead over the tie for the No. 3 position.

2023–2024 USTRC Resistol Jr. Champion Standings

(as of 11/28/23. Go to for current standings)


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