Rogers and Petska Tie Tryan and Corkill in Round 5


Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill tied Erich Rogers and Cory Petska for the Round 5 win at the 2017 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo with a pair of 3.9 second runs, worth $23,480.77 a man. 

Rogers and Petska are in familiar territory, leading the average halfway through the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. 

Coleman Proctor and Billie Jack Saebens’ 4.0-second run was winning the rodeo when Rogers and Petska backed in the box at sixth out. Their game plan since they started roping in 2013 has been to make the best run on the steer they draw, so they used him. 

“The steer was that good, in my opinion, and it just happened,” Petska said. “We were going for the same run we made in the first four rounds. The steer was good and ran a good pattern.”

Rogers got back on Dolly, Dustin Bird’s 17-year-old bay mare, in Round 3, which Petska said makes a big difference for the team in the Thomas & Mack. 

“Dolly finishes so amazing, that we can actually go a little farther than the other teams and be just as fast,” Petska, who rode his main mount Chumlee, said. 

Rogers and Petska have won $53,365.38 a man so far at this year’s WNFR, and now have $187,077 in season earnings. They’re one of three teams with five down, with an aggregate time of 27.60 seconds. Riley and Brady Minor also have five down in 35.60 seconds and Chad Masters and Travis Graves have roped five in 34.70 seconds. 

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Tryan and Corkill have some ground to make up, sitting ninth in the average with a 18.30 on three head. Tryan, the three-time world champion and two-time WNFR average champ, caught his first steer then missed the next two. Corkill, the three-time world champion and 2014 WNFR average champion, roped a leg on their fourth steer, so heading into Round 5, they were hoping to change their luck. 

“The start seems faster,” Tryan, who is riding his sorrel horse Johnson, said. “I went and practiced and kinda got my horses more on go. Usually you can see a little bit. There hasn’t been a barrier yet, from 50 head. That’s a record I bet. “

Other ropers have offered Tryan their horses or suggested he get on his AQHA/PRCA Horse of the Year, Dew, but he hasn’t been interested in the swap. 

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“I’m on the one I know is best. He wasn’t the reason I’m missing. It was just pathetic heading… I was just scoring bad. I’d think I’d have a loper one time and he runs,” Tryan said. 

For his part, Corkill adjusted his position on Chrome in the box to give himself a better go, too.

Kirt Steinke

“I kind of stood a little bit farther up in the box even tonight,” Corkill said. “I thought before I was maybe a little bit too far up but as fast as the steers are going, I felt like I was kind of chasing.”

Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira took another no-time, this one on the heel side, and Clay Smith and Paul Eaves got their first no-time of the rodeo, too. Jr. Dees and Tyler McKnight missed their first steer, all clearing the way for Rogers and Petska. Chad Masters and Travis Graves jumped two spots to number two in the average, despite having a five-second penalty tonight. 

Round 5

1/2. Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill, 3.9 seconds, $23,480.77 each

1/2. Erich Rogers and Cory Petska, 3.9 seconds, $23,480.77 each

3/4. Coleman Proctor and Billie Jack Saebens, 4.0 seconds, $13,326.92 each

3/4. Tom Richards and Jeremy Buhler, 4.0 seconds, $13,326.92 each
5. Riley Minor and Brady Minor, 4.6 seconds, $6,769.23 each

6. Charly Crawford and Joseph Harrison, 4.7 seconds, $4,230.77 each

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