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Begay, Todd Take 2023 Pendleton Win
The short-round field is set in Pendleton with Begay and Todd leading the way and some bubble boys following closely.
Colter Todd heeling a steer for Derrick Begay at the 2023 Pendleton Round-Up.
Derrick Begay and Colter Todd will enter the 2023 Pendleton Round-Up short round in the No. 1 position. | Click Thompson photo

It’s time for one of the most anticipated rodeos of the year: the 2023 Pendleton Round-Up.

Legendary for the grass, the Indian relay races, the long start and so much more, Pendleton also marks a time in the year where the stakes are extremely high. And for some, how they fare on the grass could determine their December.

The grass stood no match against Derrick Begay and Colter Todd. The long-time friends took the coveted win Saturday, Sept. 16 after their 6.6-second run put them 17.6 on three head.

There’s also been some shuffles around the bubble as a result of the week on the grass.

Pendleton Round-Up Results

As of Friday, Sept. 15, 2023

First Round:  1. Coy Rahlmann/Jonathan Torres, 5.6 seconds, $5,817 each; 2. (tie) Luke Brown/Hunter Koch, Cash Duty/Sid Sporer, Chaz Kananen/Britt Newman and Jake Raley/Russell Cardoza, 5.7, $3,920 each; 6. Derrick Begay/Colter Todd, 5.8, $2,023; 7. (tie) Cody Snow/Justin Davis and Aaron Tsinigine/Ryan Motes, 6.1, $885 each.

Second Round:  1. Garrett Rogers/Jake Minor, 5.0 seconds, $5,817 each; 2. Derrick Begay/Colter Todd, 5.2, $5,058; 3. Tyler Waters/Billie Jack Saebens, 5.4, $4,299; 4. Keven Daniel/Travis Graves, 6.0, $3,541; 5. Jake Clay/Tyler Worley, 6.1, $2,782; 6. (tie) Shayne Bishop/John Graham and Coy Rahlmann/Jonathan Torres, 6.2, $1,644 each; 8. (tie) Cory Kidd V/Jason Johe, Cutter Machado/Dalton Pearce and Jake Smith/Douglas Rich, 6.3, $169 each.

Finals: 1. Jake Clay/Tyler Worley, 5.6 seconds, $1,979 each; 2. Jake Smith/Douglas Rich, 5.7, $1,638; 3. (tie) Derrick Begay/Colter Todd and Cutter Machado/Dalton Pearce, 6.6, $1,126 each; 5. (tie) Coy Rahlmann/Jonathan Torres and Aaron Tsinigine/Ryan Motes, 6.7, $478 each. 

Average: 1. Derrick Begay/Colter Todd, 17.6 seconds on three head, $8,725 each; 2. Jake Clay/Tyler Worley, 18.1, $7,587; 3. Coy Rahlmann/Jonathan Torres, 18.5, $6,449; 4. Jake Smith/Douglas Rich, 18.9, $5,311; 5. Aaron Tsinigine/Ryan Motes, 19.5, $4,173; 6. Cutter Machado/Dalton Pearce, 19.9, $3,035; 7. Clint Summers/Jake Long, 21.1, $1,897; 8. Wyatt Bray/Josh Patton, 22.3, $759.

Saturday, Sept. 16, 2023, Short Round

Zane Yates Ellis Yates 
Brye Crites Rance Doyal 
Wyatt Bray Joshua Patton 
Clint Summers Jake Long 
Cutter Machado Dalton Pearce 
Jake Smith Douglas Rich 
Clayton Hansen Chase Hansen 
Aaron Tsinigine Ryan Motes 
Jake Clay Tyler Worley 
10 Tyler Waters Billie Saebens 
11 Coy Rahlmann Jonathan Torres 
12 Derrick Begay Colter Todd 

Bubble Trouble

The short round could have major implications on the Top 15 race, as well as the PRCA Playoff Standings for the Governor’s Cup.

Coy Rahmann and defending Pendleton champ Jonathan Torres were No. 20 in the world with $72,965.14 for Rahlmann and No. 22 with $75,271.86 for Torres. Their $5,817-check from the first round in Pendleton should move them right outside the Top 15 with $78,782.14 and $81,088.86. They also tied for sixth in the second round with a 6.2, good for $1,644 a man. They’ll enter the short round No. 2 in the average.

Billie Jack Saebens has been on bubble watch the last quarter of the year, and despite being only $3,000 out of the Top 15 when the Northwest run first hit, he headed home to Oklahoma. After picking up some more cash at a few circuit rodeos, he’s finally in the Northwest putting up a fight in Pendleton. With a 6.7 and 5.4—which finished third in the second round—he’s clinched a spot in the Pendleton Round-Up Short Round Saturday, Sept. 16 with a 12.1 on two head, No. 3 in the average. The two-time NFR heeler is currently No. 19 in the world standings with $76,330.91 won on the year, only $6,832.15 out of the 15th position.

The No. 4 team in the average are also Top 15 contenders, Jake Clay and Tyler Worley. They won fifth in the second round with a 6.1 to both pocket $2,782 and are 12.5 on two head. Clay sits No. 18 on the head side of the world standings with $76,260.80 won on the year, $9,655.32 behind No. 15. Worley is No. 17 on the heel side with $77,406.14, just $5,756.92 behind No. 15.

Clint Summers is currently No. 19 in the world standings on the head side with $73,314.56 won on the year. At $12,601.56 outside the Top 15, Summers would greatly benefit from a top finish in Pendleton, keeping him in the hunt for an 2023 NFR appearance. He comes back ninth tomorrow with his partner Jake Long, the No. 10 heeler in the world with $89,787.02.

World Standings

As of Saturday, Sept. 16 *Does not include money from Pendleton first round.


1Kaleb Driggers$156,702.79 
2Nelson Wyatt$143,206.15 
3Dustin Egusquiza$137,386.89 
4Tyler Wade$132,090.51 
5Rhen Richard$123,372.09
6Tanner Tomlinson$118,705.98 
7Andrew Ward$114,765.21 
8Erich Rogers$109,918.69 
9Derrick Begay$100,898.24 
10Coleman Proctor$94,604.51 
11Marcus Theriot$91,657.45 
12Clay Smith$88,098.36 
13Dawson Graham$87,558.50 
14Cody Snow$87,467.58 
15Luke Brown$85,916.12 
16Brenten Hall$82,366.27 
17Jr. Dees$76,513.34
18Jake Clay$76,260.80
19Clint Summers$73,314.56 
20Coy Rahlmann$72,965.14 
21Chad Masters$72,749.36 
22Aaron Tsinigine$70,573.99
23Pedro Egurrola$65,994.37
24Riley Minor$65,344.43 
25Tanner James$64,797.42 
26Keven Daniel$64,356.41 
27J.C. Yeahquo$63,736.12 
28Paul David Tierney$63,494.69 
29Hagen Peterson$61,787.95 
30Billy Bob Brown$56,490.93 


1Junior Nogueira$156,702.79 
2Wesley Thorp$149,317.78 
3Levi Lord$137,386.89 
4Jeremy Buhler$123,372.09
5Patrick Smith$118,705.98 
6Colter Todd$116,065.44 
7Buddy Hawkins$114,765.21 
8Paul Eaves$110,270.01 
9Logan Medlin$94,604.51 
10Jake Long$89,787.02 
11Cole Curry$88,681.17 
12Dillon Graham$87,558.50 
13Hunter Koch$85,916.12 
14Paden Bray$84,237.01 
15Coleby Payne$83,163.06 
16Justin Davis$77,548.47
17Tyler Worley$77,406.14
18Ross Ashford$76,513.34
19Billie Jack Saebens$76,330.91 
20Trey Yates$76,099.36 
21Chase Tryan$76,065.46 
22Jonathan Torres$75,271.86 
23Ryan Motes$71,201.01
24Travis Graves$70,652.60
25Brady Minor$65,344.43 
26L.J. Yeahquo$63,736.12
27Tanner Braden$63,494.69
28Caleb Hendrix$63,290.01 
29Wyatt Cox$60,264.41
30Corey Hendrick$59,902.44
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