USTRC Cinch Ladies Standings: Kelsey Barry's Big Move

The Top Five names remain the same, but Kelsey Barry makes big moves for number-one in the USTRC Cinch Ladies Standings.

Kelsey Barry Photo by Olies Images

Kelsey Barry

Taking full advantage of the momentum established by her March winnings and then- second-place standing, Barry, of Charlotte, Texas, won the average in three divisions at X-Treme Roping’s USTRC Texas Championships in San Antonio. At the same April roping, the 4 header also picked up checks for finishing fifth and sixth in two more divisions, making for a grand one-roping, take-home total of $12,700. At present, 27-year-old Barry’s winnings put her in a very comfortable $11,475 lead over the competition.

Veronica Coleman

Louisiana’s Coleman, the 4.5 header who occupied the number-one spot on the standings last month, falls to second place with stagnant USTRC earnings, but she maintains a $1,255 lead over the number-three ladies roper.

Brittany Whiddon

Whereas last month Florida’s Whiddon trailed Barry by a whispy $30, the 4 header now trails the lead by $12,730. She’s earned no additional USTRC monies this month and maintains her third-place standing on the list. She did, however, add a nice winning check to her total earnings when she roped for first in the average at the Unadilla, Georgia, #9.5 WSTR Qualifier in late March.

Lacie Davis

Davis, a 4 header from Tennessee, also keeps her place on the leaderboard with no new USTRC winnings.

Bethanie Shofner

New Mexico’s 5 header / 4 heeler, Shofner, follows suit with no new winnings this month. 

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