Yaussi Leads Jr. Ironman After Round 1
Reigning Champ Bo Yaussi was calm, cool, and collected at 42.3 seconds on four head in Round 1 of the 2018 Lazy E's Jr. Ironman.

Bo Yaussi, of Udall, Kansas, is in the driver’s seat to defend his 2017 Jr. Ironman title at the Lazy E Arena, starting off the first round with a pack-leading 42.3 seconds on four head, worth $1,000. 

“I pulled on my head horse a little bit,” Yaussi said. “So he kind of turned in the box, but that didn’t matter because I’ve got Paden Bray heeling for me. In the calf roping and heeling, I just wanted to go get them down. My calf ran really hard. Then we had a really good steer in the bull dogging.”  

Bray helped Yaussi to the title last year, too. They were 10.0 heading and 14.9 heeling, and Yaussi tied down his calf in 12.9 seconds and got his dogging steer down in a 4.5, the fastest of the go. 

Yaussi is a freshman at North Central Texas College in Gainesville, Texas, where he’s currently second in the region in the tie-down roping.

Myles Neighbors of Benton, Arkansas, is second with an aggregate of 55.9 seconds on four head, followed by Wyatt Hansen of Oakdale, California, at 59.8 seconds on four. JD Draper, of Oakley, Kansas, is fourth with 63.8 seconds on four. 

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