Paul David Tierney Gets Third Cinch Timed Event Championship Title 10 Years After First
Paul David Tierney now has $388,500 in Cinch Timed Event Championship earnings.
Paul David Tierney Cinch Timed Event
Paul David Tierney spins his fifth round steer for Kollin VonAhn. | James Phifer Photo

Paul David Tierney is now a three-time Cinch Timed Event Champion and has won a whopping $388,500 in his career at the Ironman of ProRodeo.

Tierney finished the three-day marathon with a time of 322.8 seconds on 25 head worth $100,000, winning second with a 58.7 in Round 2 worth $2,000, third in Round 3 with a 57.9 worth $1,000 and third in Round 5 with a 60.3 worth another $1,000.

“Last year, I got rushed in the heeling, and I took a 60 in the last round ’cause I got rushed,” Tierney, 34, said. “I thought back on what had worked before, and I just stayed true to it the whole time, finally, and it worked out.”

Paul David Tierney
Paul David Tierney stands next to the loot he collected for his 2024 Cinch Time Event Championship win. | James Phifer Photo

The Oklahoma City man is now the third-highest earner in the 40-year history of the Cinch Timed Event Championship, behind Trevor Brazile and his six titles that paid him a massive $811,000 in his CTEC career. KC Jones, with five titles, has won $493,500.


Today, it paid to have the last name Tierney at the @CINCH Timed Event Championships. Paul David Tierney won his third $100,000 Ironman victory inside the @Lazy E Arena, his brother Jess won the fourth-place $10,000 and their father, four-time Ironman Paul Tierney watched with pride in his eyes. The Tierney family has eight #CTEC titles to their name, meaning that 1/5 of all 40 are in their name. Stay tuned for the full story and results at the ink in bio. #TeamRoping #Rodeo #Cowboy #Roping #PaulTierney #Ironman #Western #Yellowstone

♬ We Are The Champions – Galileo & The Cast Of ‘We Will Rock You’

Tierney, who’s father Paul has four titles—one in 1987, one in 1991, another in 1997 and the last in 2000—winning $153,750 in his nearly three decades of competition.

Paul David had the help of Kollin VonAhn on the heel side, Logan Olson in the heading and Kody Woodward in the hazing. Tierney rode his own head horse, his dad’s stud in the heeling, his calf horse Macaroni in the tie-down, Woodward’s bull dogging horse and a tripping horse from Jate Saults.

Paul David Tierney
Paul David Tierney heels his fifth round steer for Logan Olson. | James Phifer Photo

Round Five Results (total on five head)

  1. Nelson Wyatt, 51.9 seconds, $3,000
  2. Marcus Theriot, 55.2 seconds, $2,000
  3. Paul David Tierney, 60.3 seconds, $1,000
  4. Seth Hall, 67.9 seconds
  5. Dylan Hancock, 68.8 seconds 
  6. Tyler Pearson, 69.8 seconds
  7. Brushton Minton, 69.8 seconds
  8. Jess Tierney, 71.5 seconds
  9. Clayton Hass, 77.6 seconds
  10. Russell Cardoza, 87.9 seconds
  11. Erich Rogers, 90.9 seconds
  12. Cody Doescher, 98.1 seconds
  13. Blane Cox, 119.8 seconds 
  14. Thomas Smith, 130.1 seconds
  15. Billy Good, 140.1 seconds

Aggregate After Round 5 (total on 25 head)

  1. Paul David Tierney, 322.8 seconds, $100,000
  2. Nelson Wyatt, 338.3 seconds, $35,000
  3. Cody Doescher, 385.3 seconds, $15,000
  4. Jess Tierney, 385.5 seconds, $10,000
  5. Erich Rogers, 386.5 seconds $7,500
  6. Dylan Hancock, 391.3 seconds, $5,000
  7. Thomas Smith, 393.8 seconds, $4,500
  8. Marcus Theriot, 398.2 seconds $3,000
  9. Blane Cox, 403.9 seconds
  10. Russell Cardoza, 417.5 seconds
  11. Seth Hall, 434.0 seconds
  12. Tyler Pearson, 437.4 seconds
  13. Clayton Hass, 442.4 seconds
  14. Brushton Minton, 462.4 seconds
  15. Billy Good, 558.7 seconds 


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