ProRodeo's Richest Ropers: Clay O' Talks Clay Tryan's PRCA Earnings Record

Clay O'Brien Cooper and Fast Back Ropes' Coy Upchurch talk Clay Tryan's new PRCA earnings record on this episode of "The Score."

Clay Tryan has become the richest team roper in ProRodeo history with over $3 million in earnings, exceeding Clay O’Brien Cooper’s record, with Fast Back Ropes in hand. 

In this episode, Clay O’ talks with host Chelsea Shaffer about the record being broken and Tryan’s competitive edge. During the commercial break, Fast Back Ropes’ Coy Upchurch shares what makes their ropes stand out from the rest.

Listen now:

This episode of “The Score” is brought to you by Tryan’s sponsors at Fast Back Ropes.

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