Horse Market Report: Solo Select’s Ty Smith’s Take on the 2023 Rope Horse Business
What's driving horse prices higher and higher? Ty Smith has a few ideas.
This Catt Shines Ty Smith

Team roping is alive and well, and perhaps one of the brightest indicators of that truth is the rope horse market. And perhaps nobody knows that better than Solo Select CEO Ty Smith.

Smith, co-owner of This Catt Shines, is one of the Western performance industry’s leading brokers, buying and selling elite prospects through Solo Select Horses, as well as through major physical sales like those hosted by Western Bloodstock. A team roper at heart, Smith owns This Catt Shines, standing at the Lazy E, and Solo Select owns the prolific Woody Be Tuff.

In this episode of The Score, Smith outlines his take on the 2023 rope horse market, including where mares, yearlings and prospects fit into the mix, and what forces are driving the demand in the marketplace right now. Plus, he gives some insight into Select Genes, the new program Melanie Smith and Solo Select launched just this month.

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