The Brazile Family: Shada, Treston and Style

"The Score" bonus episode on May 3, 2021 with special guests Shada, Treston and Style Brazile, brought to you by Resistol.

Shada, Treston and Style Brazile join “The Score” co-host Kaitlin Gustave after the Cinch USTRC National Finals of Team Roping’s #7 Championships Saddle Roping was complete, which was the final roping of the week in Fort Worth, Texas. 

It was a Brazile family affair at the Cinch USTRC National Finals of Team Roping XXXII, where three out of the five Brazile family members were entered up. Between Trevor, Shada and Treston, they were entered in just about every roping throughout the duration of the USTRC NFTR. 

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