Brock Hanson has headed for elite heelers like Ryan Motes, Kory Koontz and Cesar de la Cruz, and now he’s heeling for Colorado’s J.B. James. But in 2019, he's on the heel side himself, with a game plan to set his team up for success. 

Brock Hanson at the Mathews Land & Cattle team roping in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Brock Hanson

'The Score' host Chelsea Shaffer talks with Hanson about his ability to seamlessly transition from team roping quarterback to wide receiver, and how he's developed that skill set to serve him well throughout his career. 

"I like to do both," Hanson said. "The first time I switched and went to heading, I thought there were a lot of guys who heeled better than me. There were sure enough a lot of guys who headed good, but in my opinion, there were six or eight guys who were kind of more of a dominant style whether it was jack potting or the fast, one-head rodeos, those guys had a chance to win something. There's 30 guys who will get two feet if they get them turned fast enough. I thought if I would dedicate myself or work hard in a direction, I liked my odds of getting somebody better if I headed. So that's how I made my decision. Then I shortly figured out why there were only eight or 10 guys: It was a lot harder than I expected."

Hanson talks about the importance of great horses, and the way he's built—and sold—his herds while switching back and forth from heading to heeling. 

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