Top 10 Episodes of "The Score" Podcast in 2022

The 10 most listened to podcast episodes of the year.

Erich Rogers at the 2022 Cinch Timed Event Championship. | TRJ File Photo

Listeners tuned into our team roping podcast, “The Score,” nearly 500,000 times in 2022 (there were 498,362 as of Dec. 20, to be exact). These were the 10 most listened to podcast episodes of the year.

10. Lightning Aguilera: From South Florida to San Antonio

9. Part 2: Special Ariat WSTR XV Finale Coverage

8. On Making History: BFI Champions Clay and Saebens

7. ROYAL REWARDS: How the Best Young Horses in the Game Were Made

6. Understanding the Royal Crown

5. Erich Rogers: Cowboy Camaraderie and Winning $104K at the Lazy E’s Cinch Timed Event Championship

4. Driggers’ $80K Winter: How the Reigning Champ Has Stayed No. 1 in 2022

3. “The Biggest Rodeo Win of My Career”: Tryan and Long on RodeoHouston Win and What It Means for Their Season

2. The Riata Buckle: Details Unveiled

1. Derrick Begay: On Good Roping, Great Horses and His Uncertain Future in Rodeo

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