2023 Breeder’s Guide Stallion: A Dash Ta Streak
A Dash Ta Streak is featured in The Team Roping Journal's 2023 Breeder's Guide, highlighting industry-best rope horse breeding programs, studs and incentives.
stallion A Dash Ta Streak standing in conformation pose on green grass
A Dash Ta Streak | Marie Littlefield photo

A Dash Ta Streak
Fulton Ranch
Standing at Cinder Lakes Stallion Station
Valley View, Texas

STUD FEE: $2,500

SIRE: A Streak Of Fling
DAM: Silver Creek Dash

stallion A Dash Ta Streak standing in conformation pose on green grass
A Dash Ta Streak | Marie Littlefield photo

A Dash Ta Streak hasn’t quite bred as many mares as his legendary sire, A Streak Of Fling, but that hasn’t stopped the ones that are out and about from racking up hundreds of thousands in earnings.

“He’s got horses in every event, just like Streaker,” owner Lisa Fulton said. “If you can fault Streaker for anything, he has a longer back and he toes in. This horse, Dash, he corrects that. And he’s a little taller and adds speed from Dash Ta Fame. So he’s making a lot of nice head horses.”

A Dash Ta Streak almost didn’t make it as a stud because the late Brian Fulton could get a little aggressive with hauling yearlings to the vet for gelding.

“Brian never knew our yearlings by their papers,” Fulton explained with a chuckle. “When he’d get ready to cut things, he might not know what they were. If they didn’t have stud potential, he’d just cut them. He came back one time after going to town, and he hadn’t told me he was going. I panicked and ran out and made sure Dash wasn’t in the group he’d taken. I said, ‘Oh LORD thank you!’ I hid him away because I knew how great he could be.”

Originally started in the heading, A Dash Ta Streak went to the barrels with Ashley Schaefer because his mama, Silver Creek Dash, was a standout for the famed trainer Bo Hill. But the bay roan is still outstanding to rope on, taking reps in the off-season with the Fulton boys at home in South Dakota.

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