2023 Breeder's Guide Stallion: Reys Smokin Dually


Owned by A&C Racing and Roping, Standing at Elwood Equine

STUD FEE: $1,750

SIRE: Dual Rey
DAM: Smokin Pepto by Peptoboonsmal

Reys Smokin Dually daughter Rubys Rollin winning California Rodeo Salinas as a 6-year-old on the head side. | Phil Doyle photo

Utah’s Richard family has developed a special eye for the best horses in the business to cross on their standout line of mares, and they’re offering their stud Reys Smokin Dually to the public in 2023.

The Richards bought him in Fort Worth at the National Cutting Horse Association’s sale as a yearling, standing out from the pack as the right kind of young stud to cross on the family’s race-bred mares.

“He was bigger than most of them, and he just looked like a rope horse in that sale ring,” five-time NFR qualifier Rhen Richard said. “He was really, really calm even then, and he had that eye appeal, too. And when we started him, he never got hot. You could put anybody on him, even early on.”

Before rope horse futurities really came of age in the U.S., Richard took the stud to Canada and won at the futurities there. “He did really well,” Richard said. “But by the time the futurities became a big deal down here, he had aged out.”

So Reys Smokin Dually went to the A&C Racing and Roping breeding barn, crossing on the family’s running-bred mares, adding more trainability, bone and rate to the guaranteed run the family already counted on.

“He’s not a fast-minded horse,” Richard explained. “We can breed him to a hot-bred mare, and we can push the colts along as 4-year-olds without worrying about it. We can really get into them and ask them for 100%. That’s good for me and the way I like to rope, not having to slow one down. His colts just have natural rate.”

Meanwhile, 17-year-old Howdy Jackson, who spends time at the Richard place in Roosevelt, has been riding Reys Smokin Dually at the high school rodeos on both ends.

“Anyone can ride him,” Richard said. “You can head, heel, whatever, and he stays solid.”

Reys Smokin Dually’s most successful offspring to date is Rubys Rollin, the brown 6-year-old mare Richard won California Rodeo Salinas on in 2022—straight offthe futurity trail to one of the toughest setups in rodeo’s summer run. The mare already has more than $50,000 in earnings, and she’ll be in Richard’s rig for his 2023 ProRodeo campaign.

Nobody has come close to dominating as much at the rope horse futurities as Richard, and he’ll be on the offspring of Reys Smokin Dually from here on out. With colts eligible for the Riata Buckle and Royal Crown, the stud offers one of the sport’s finest shots at big money for breeders, owners and ropers alike.

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