The Ironman By the Numbers
The Cinch Timed Event Championship by the numbers breakdown.

This year’s Cinch Timed Event Championships continues the tradition of bringing together the best hands in the industry for the ultimate cowboy showdown at the famed Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma, March 10-12.

$5.6 Million

The all-time payout over the 34 years of the Cinch Timed Event Championships.

440 Feet

The length of the Lazy E’s red dirt arena and the distance an ironman contestant may have to run to get to his bull dogging horse if he misses his steer on the first jump.

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The length of the Lazy E Arena is 440 feet. Courtesy Lazy E/James Phifer


The amount of money Daniel Green has won in his Cinch Timed Event career—the most in this year’s field.

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Daniel Green showing off how to catch two feet. Courtesy Lazy E/James Phifer

The fastest aggregate time by any current Cinch Timed Event contestant—set in 2016 by Paul David Tierney—the fastest aggregate time in the event’s history.


The new payout for the Jr. Ironman Champ—up from $10,000 just last year. The Jr. Ironman tests all-around hands under 19 over three rounds of heading, heeling, tie-down roping and steer wrestling, won in 2021 by Rattan, Oklahoma’s Briar Teague.

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Briar Teague heading at the 2021 CTEC. Courtesy Lazy E/James Phifer


The number of Cinch Timed Event Champions in this year’s field:

Marcus Theriot

Paul David Tierney

Daniel Green

Jess Tierney

Taylor Santos

Justin Thigpen

& Kyle Lockett

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The number of gold buckles in the 2022 Cinch Timed Event field—owned by newcomers Tyler Pearson, Shad Mayfield and Cole Patterson.

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Courtesy Lazy E/James Phifer


The amount of money Marcus Theriot took home for his win at the Cinch Timed Event Championship in 2021.

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The most money won by any contestant in his Cinch Timed Event career—by 26-time World Champion Trevor Brazile.

The King of the Cowboys, Trevor Brazile. Courtesy Lazy E/James Phifer
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