Round 2: Tryan and Corkill Stay Dominant in ERA Competition


Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill widened their lead over Derrick Begay and Clay O’Brien Cooper Saturday night in the American Airlines Center with their 3.94-second run, netting them another 600 championship points to move their total to 3,550.

Begay and Cooper worked to stay in the average on a tough steer, with the flag dropping in 7.47 seconds. A tough round of team roping dropped them to seventh, out of points for the night to stay at 2,800. 

Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira are sneaking in as dark horse contenders with a set of clean runs–a 4.48-second run on night one and a 4.20-second run last night–to move to 2,575 in total points for the year. 

At first in the average and first in the world standings, Tryan and Corkill control their own fate this afternoon in the final round of ERA World Championship competition. If they falter, Begay and Cooper and Driggers and Nogueira will be hot on their heels.

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