4 Tips on Just Catching to Win with Garrett Tonozzi
Just needing to stop the clock to win can be as high-pressured as needing to be 4.0. Here’s how I approach it.

Back to Basics

First of all, you have to remember that you still have to score and do all the little things. You have to stick to the same plan as if you need to be 4.0.

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Ride Your Horse

Sometimes, when you just have to catch, it means you were roping really aggressive throughout the day—which means your horse just might be anticipating that aggressive-style shot. That means you need to ride through that first throw so you stay with your horse, and he doesn’t take you out. A lot of times we forget about our horse, and we get to leaning when we just need to catch.

Swing and Delivery

You need to make sure the first swing you take is pointed right at your target so you don’t have to change anything up on that. Take your first swing straight to the right horn or wherever you want your target to be. Make sure you finish your throw and make sure you dally and pick up your horse so you give your heeler an easier shot if he or she just needs to catch, too. If we’re just trying to catch, we want to make it as easy as we can on our heeler. You can’t make it any harder on them than it already is.

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You want to keep the steer’s head all the way through the run. Make sure you don’t face too soon and give the steer’s head back so your partner doesn’t lose a leg or both feet even. It’s easy to get excited and face too soon, so try to keep your cool. TRJ

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