Bling Horse Halter

Any equestrian knows that every horse is unique. The new, patented “bling” halter by My Shopping Tree allows horse owners to celebrate their horse’s individuality with beautiful crystal letters proudly proclaiming your horse’s name across the noseband.

There is nothing tacky about this piece of tack. Much time was spent choosing a manufacturer that would supply the desired quality of leather, and it shows. From the double leather and solid brass fittings to the lined nose and crown, adjustable chinstrap and rolled throat, this is not only fun and decorative, it is a serious piece of tack. It just happens to be exquisitely finished with crystal letters.

My Shopping Tree has produced similar collars for dogs for years, but this is a new exciting design for the equine.

The halter is available online atwww.barndogbling.comor call (903) 337-0400.

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