QUESTION: I started roping in 2003, and since then, Trevor Brazile is the only header in the top 50 that I observed wearing a leather glove instead of cotton, poly, etc. I have always wondered why? Knowing him, it's a considered decision. 

Trevor Brazile: Simple answer is that I feed too much. At the end of the day, if you hold the rope too tight, you probably need a cotton glove. I'm more apt to lose my spoke with a cotton glove. 

In all of my other events, I don't use a glove at all. I feel like I need to be able to shut the rope off at any time, and with the suede-palm SSG, I can. Most of my career, it's all I've used. And I'm the only one except Clay O'Brien Cooper who has. 

And the only reason I know Clay used one, too? A couple years ago at Cody, Wyoming, I had to send my rig on to Livingston and stay in Cody with one set of horses. My glove didn't make it out of the trailer, and that day I figured out that Clay O used one. But he wasn't there, so my option was cotton glove or no glove, and I went no-glove. TRJ 

[Glove Up like Trevor]

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