Featherlite Trailers Ups the Ante for Model 8533

Featherlite Trailers unveiled several enhancements to their existing trailers during its recent International Dealer Meeting. Among these are a greater selection in the sizes of dressing rooms and living quarters of the Model 8533 all-aluminum gooseneck horse trailer.

The Model 8533 is already known in the trailering world for its durability and attractive price point. Now, customers have the choice of a 74”, 96” and 124” dressing room package. Customers may also select the standard 46” dressing room package.

“Different horse owners have different space requirements,” Randy Lewis, Featherlite’s National Sales Manager, said. “These expanded dressing room options mean that customers don’t have to buy more trailer than they need.”

For horse owners who want to spend a weekend riding, Featherlite also offers three new Sierra living quarters packages. An 8’ living quarters package and a 10’ living quarters package are available. The 10’ living quarters package comes with or without a 6’ slideout.

“The well-appointed living quarters option is designed to make the Model 8533 the most attractive horse trailer at this price point on the market,” Lewis said.

The 8533 comes in a standard 6’7” width with an inside height of 7’0”. It comes in lengths ranging from 14’10” to 28’4”.

All 2011 models are available for order at any one of Featherlite’s 180 dealerships. For more information about all of Featherlite’s 2011 horse trailers, visit www.fthr.com or call (800) 800-1230. 

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