Game Plan with Jade Corkill
Developing a pre-run routine can help you stay mentally strong in the arena, so three-time world champion Jade Corkill shares his.

Better early than late.

I like to get to the rodeo or roping so that I never feel rushed. I want to be waiting on the rodeo so that I can get mentally prepared for what I’m about to do rather than rushing to the rodeo.

Alone time.

I like to saddle about an hour before the performance is going to start. Then, I like to be by myself. I put my phone down. Even if my family is with me, I try to just get somewhere I can be alone and think about what I’m going to do.


Especially if I’m somewhere with my own rig, I take a shower like I’m getting ready to start the day. It wakes me up and gets me refreshed, particularly if we’ve been traveling all day to get there.

Warm-up walk.

I like to get on and ride around the parking lot, just walking my horse. It gives me time to swing my rope and think, rather than be in the warm-up pen where everyone else is loping circles and talking.

Boot up.

After I spend some time walking around the grounds, then I’ll put my splint boots on and really warm up my horse. I try not to do this too early, because I don’t like to hurry up and wait.

Perfect timing.

I make sure I time all of this so I’m not sitting up by the box in anticipation. I want to be up there as the event before the team roping is ending.

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