What Top Heelers Feed Their Horses
What supplements do Jade Corkill, Paul Eaves, Patrick Smith, Kory Koontz and Jim Ross Cooper feed?

Jade Corkill
Horse: Jackyl. 22-year-old gelding
Feed: Platinum Performance CJ ($142 [10 lb.], platinumperformance.com) and Previcox (consult your veterinarian)
Why? Jackyl is the toughest horse there is, and for all he’s done he’s really sound. The Previcox keeps him feeling good despite just a little bit of arthritis in his right knee. And if he’s standing next to an 8-year-old, he looks just about the same. He still looks great, so I stick to the Platinum because of that.

Jim Ross Cooper

Horse: Z, 14-year-old gelding
Feed: Formula 1 Noni ($56.99, f1equine.com), and Renew Gold (prices vary by location,
Why? I feed the same thing Brandon (Beers) feeds. He feeds it because Sherry (Cervi) feeds it. I figure I can’t go wrong there. Barrel racers need their horses working at the top level all the time, and Sherry seems to do pretty well that way. And Brandon’s Jewel runs hard and works great, so they both must be doing something right.

Kory Koontz
Horse: Playboy, 16-year-old gelding
Feed: Purina Strategy Healthy Edge (prices vary by location, horse.purinamills.com), Previcox (consult your veterinarian), alfalfa
Why? I like to feed mostly hay, but when I do grain them I used the Strategy Healthy Edge, mainly when I’m on the road. I always try to pack good alfalfa with me from home so I don’t run out. And the Previcox is just good stuff, and it’s easy on their stomachs, too. If the PRCA ever outlawed it, there would be a lot of crippled horses. It just cuts down on the wear-and-tear so much.

Patrick Smith
Horse: Amigo, 13-year-old gelding
Feed: Free-choice alfalfa
Why? I think I feed more hay than a lot of people, and when I’m home I like to feed free choice. My horses do better when they can nibble all day long, and they stay looking and working good that way, too.

Paul Eaves

Horse: Cadillac, 16-year-old gelding
Feed: Purina Omolene 200 (prices vary by location, horse.purinamills.com), Silver Lining Herbs Immune Support ($64.25, silverliningherbs.com), grass-alfalfa mixed hay
Why? Cadillac gets the Immune and Kidney support from Silver Lining because it keeps him healthy with all the traveling we do, and the Omolene and hay give him the right level of energy and keep him pretty even.

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