Next Level Horsemanship with Junior Nogueira

How well you ride affects how well you rope.

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Learning Curve

I work hard to stay in good position now, and it’s paid off. I’ve watched the best guys in the world, and they’re the ones who ride their horses the best.


Once your swing is in time and your right hand is doing all the roping, the rest depends on your horsemanship. It’s what makes you win—that’s the difference between just roping and winning. When I’m roping my best, every part of my riding and my roping is in sync.

The Dance

Riding your horse should be like a dance, done by muscle memory. Every piece of your body needs to work together. Sometimes you can get carried away with pulling on your horse, when really you should use your left hand to put your horse in position and let him work. Keeping your left hand consistent and riding square in the saddle will let you rope just that much better.

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