Ride N Style Stirrup Covers


Ride n Style was started in July 2006 by Melinda McDaniel and her mom Martha Funk. Melinda was at a team roping waiting in the heading line for her turn when she noticed someone’s stirrups. They had a beautiful saddle, nice headstall and breast collar and plain boring stirrups. That’s when it hit her; why not make something for stirrups? Something that you can use and is fun, beautiful and easy; that was the start of Original Stirrup Covers and Ride n Style.

After this idea, Melinda talked to her mom Martha Funk and they both thought it would work and was an idea whose time had come. Martha went to work making a prototype and they worked together to get a product that was not only beautiful and fun, but easy to use.

Ride n Style was formed as their company and the home of Original Stirrup Covers. Original Stirrup Covers are now being manufactured in two sizes: Large and Small. The large stirrup covers fit most all roping type-stirrups and the small fit most barrel racing- or cutting-type stirrups. They have beautiful crystal stones in decorative patterns, hair on hide, and fringe.

The horse world is nothing new to Melinda or Martha. While Martha does not actually compete, she has been to more than her share fair of rodeos, roping and barrel races. She hauled all the kids (Melinda, younger brother and Wrangler NFR qualifier Matt Funk and older sister Missy Downs) to plenty of events. Martha’s husband, Doug Funk, is a practicing veterinarian in Wenatchee Washington and is an active team roper himself. Melinda grew up riding and competing in rodeos, coming up through the ranks of junior, high school and college and then onto amateur rodeos and team roping. Melinda has been successful in her rodeo and roping career, winning the Idaho Cowboys Association (ICA) three times in the Breakaway Roping, the National ACTRA Finals and several other titles and ropings along the way. Melinda’s husband Chad McDaniel is a horse trainer and cattle contractor as well as an accomplished roper himself. Earlier this year Chad and Melinda McDaniel won the Intermountain Cattlemen’s Mixed Roping, bringing home saddles, prizes and money, not to mention the idea for Original Stirrup Covers!

Martha Funk has been an avid supporter of the entire family and their rodeo and roping passion. She is also an accomplished Interior Decorator, so having her put together designs and patterns for Original Stirrup Covers was a natural fit. SWR

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