Setting the Corner with Garrett Tonozzi
Garrett Tonozzi breaks down his Ariat World Series of Team Roping’s Texas Title Fights 2021 win from high team back.


Short Round of Ariat World Series of Team Roping’s Texas Title Fights 2021


6.23 seconds


27.28 seconds on four head, worth $7,990


We were high call, and third high call made a really good run right in front of us. We had to make a good run to win the roping.

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That was a pen of natives and longhorns mixed together, but it was a good set as a whole. As the steer broke, I could tell he was stepping to the right.


I’m on a horse that my wife, Brittany, and I raised—an own daughter of Dash Ta Fame out of the same mare as our stud, A Guy With Proof. That little mare will get tight. I knew I had to be aggressive with my rope because I just know that mare so well.

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When that steer was going right, I reached about a coil and slid about another half coil to make sure I got to the horn tight. I let it slide before I dallied, so it was about getting enough out there to not lose my rope so I could get to the horn.

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That mare is little, but she’s super strong. She gets down so much in the corner. I’d already picked her up, so she’s down on her butt and I’m about to start pulling the steer. I took that steer’s hips away in the corner, so he cleaned up really good. The next stride was to get the steer legal, so I let the mare go from that point, and then pretty fast I was letting her come around to face because Double D (Dustin Davis) heeled him so fast.

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I was riding hard. I knew what was about to come, so I was standing her up with my left leg, and as soon as I got to the horn I let her do her deal and bring that steer around.

7) EYES:

I’m watching the steer. I feel like you have to be watching the steer in the corner to know where your next stride will be and if the steer is cleaning up the way you want. 

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