Western Legacy Sales Introduces Iconoclast Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Equine Sport Boots

Western Legacy Sales of Alvarado, Texas recently announced the release of the Iconoclast Sports boot line for equine athletes.

The Iconoclast Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Boots are set to revolutionize the way equine support boots are being made and used today. Iconoclast Support Boots are specifically designed to support and protect the suspensory and sesamoidial areas of the equine leg better than any other boot on the market.

The entire line of Iconoclast Boots were designed and endorsed by leading equine veterinarians and horsemen. Western Legacy has spent over two years in development and testing of both boots, working with veterinarians to ensure that their product does what it was designed to do.

The patented Orthopedic Wedge design feature, working in conjunction with the patented Double Sling Strap, provides unparalleled 360-degree support of the equine leg. Never has this method of support been provided for the equine athlete through a strap on, non-restricting device. Iconoclast Support Boots not only protect against flexion injury, but they also offer effective benefit during rehabilitation from previous injury.

The Iconoclast Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Boot is a working recovery boot for horses that have sustained an injury or are presenting signs of soreness in their suspensories and sesamoids. Working in conjunction with the Double Sling Strap is the Orthopedic Wedge that is positioned behind the distal pastern. The soft ergonomically designed Orthopedic Wedge provides additional vertical support to the suspensories by dispersing the impact shock from each hoof strike. Although the boot is primarily designed as a rehabilitation boot, it is perfectly safe to use on a daily basis for any horse you may feel needs an extra measure of support and protection.

“The Iconoclast Boot is the only reusable sport boot I know of that consistently and reliably provides non-torsional beneficial support and protection for the sesamoidial and suspensory areas. Its unique design makes it the only one I prescribe for rehabilitation in those areas,” says C. Mike Tomlinson, DVM, MBA, FEI Veterinarian, United States Equestrian Team.

Iconoclast Orthopedic Sport Boots feature the Double Sling Straps for unparalleled lateral support. With its evenly distributed support to the suspensory branches, the makers say the Iconoclast is the only boot that truly lifts and cradles the equine leg. Designed to reduce joint interference and restriction for every equine discipline.

“The Iconoclast Sport Boot offers more effective sesamoidial stability and suspensory support than any other boot I’ve encountered. I prescribe them to my clients with complete confidence and satisfaction in caring for their equine partners,” says Chris Ray, DVM, Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery, Weatherford, Texas.

Iconoclast Bell Boots are designed and manufactured with the same high-quality standards given to the Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Boots. The Iconoclast Bell Boots are specifically designed to prevent them from rotating while in use and they feature a stabilizing bar to ensure a secure fit and superior performance to offer maximum protection for your horse.

Visit www.westernlegacysales.com to learn more about the Iconoclast boots

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