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TRJ’s Arizona Guide: The Premier Platform to Reach AZ’s Roping Community

The Team Roping Journal’s Arizona Guide is now in production for the Winter 2022/2023, expanding its reach across the roping community world-wide.

Team Roping News

We’ll See You in Wickenburg

A look into The Team Roping Journal's Arizona connections.


Full Swing: The Team Roping Journal’s Winter 2021/2022 Complete Guide to Arizona

A complete guide for your trip to Arizona in the winter of 2021-2022

Editor's Notes

Team Roping’s Crunch Time

A sneak peek at the October 2021 issue's Dear Roper letter inside of the The Team Roping Journal Magazine.

"The Score" Podcast

What to Expect from Wesley Thorp’s New Business Venture

Wesley Thorp join The Short Score host Kaitlin Gustave to talk about his latest business ventures, brought to you by ADM Animal Nutrition.

Team Ropers

TOP 10 Things to Do in Cave Creek, Arizona

Are you headed to Cave Creek, Arizona, any time soon? Check out this list of Top 10 things to do while you're there.

Rope Horse Care

A Guide to the Unique Challenges of Keeping Horses in the Desert.

Here’s a quick, no-nonsense guide to what can go wrong in the desert, and, in most cases, how to prevent it.

Team Ropers

Ready to Buy a Place in AZ? Here’s What You Need to Know.

What you need to know about looking for property in Arizona.

Team Ropers

Arizona’s Snowbirds Part III

Whether they got there early in life or after retirement, Arizona's snowbirds know how to have a good time in and out of the arena.

Team Ropers

Roper’s Reprieve: Arizona’s Cowboy-Friendly Golf Cours­es

Snowbirds and locals alike have favorite courses, and we tapped some Arizona regulars to find out where the cowboy-friendly cours­es are and why they fit the bill.

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