Keeping a Head Horse Soft with Coy Rahlmann’s Leon Hughes Bit
Coy Rahlmann breakdown of his favorite bit made by Leon Hughes.

About the Bit:

Coy Rahlmann: It’s a solid port with copper bars. It’s enough bridle if you need it to be, but it has fairly big bars, so it doesn’t really scare them. When you pick up on the reins, they don’t freak out. I used to never ride solid bits. The more that I’ve gotten my horses broke and loose and more feel-y, I like solid bits better now. I can keep my horses softer with a solid bit than I can with a bit with a lot of hinge to it.

Leon Hughes: The guys know more about what works and what doesn’t. I just try to do what they want. I sure don’t claim to know everything there is to know about a bit.

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Coy Rahlmann’s Leon Hughes Bit Coy Rahlmann Leon Hughes Bit


CR: It’s a solid port that is fairly rounded off at the bottom. It’s not too sharp so it doesn’t scare them, but it can be enough to play with your curb chains if you need it to be more bit.

LH: I don’t like the bottom of the port to come to a square corner because you can cut one’s tongue with that.


CR: I usually ride this bit with a big curb chain, like one you can buy at Kerry Kelley Bits. That is my favorite one on it because it has a medium bite. It’s not nothing, but it’s also enough. If you were to put a dog chain on there, that bit would be a lot.

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CR: It has cavalry shanks on it, so it’s enough bridle if you need it to be.

LH: I try to do what they want and most guys leave it to me to dress them up. You have to have a pretty good imagination to do that, and I’ve always had one of those.

Bits start at $300; 918-639-7769

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