Winning the World with a Gordy Alderson Bit
Junior Nogueira's Gordy Alderson Port

[As seen in the Feb. 2022 issue of The Team Roping Journal]

Horse: Timon

Bit: Gordy Alderson Chain Port

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Why? “It’s light, and he can lay on it and take it easy. It’s like almost nothing, but when you need to have something, you have it in your hand. It’s not too severe, but if you need it, you can pull it and it can come back to you. I don’t have to pick him up much through the corner. I just send him.” — Junior Nogueira

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From the Maker: “I think the magic with that bit is that it’s got some good weight to it, but the main thing is the way it’s put together—there’s a lot of play in the mouthpiece. It can roll forward and roll back. It’s forgiving in the box, down the arena and through the corner. But when it locks off, it’s got quite a bit of authority. We all want something that’s light in certain areas, but then it’s authoritative when it’s done swiveling. The port is basically tongue relief. It will probably never hit the roof of the mouth. It’s really fluid the way it sweeps into the bars, so it won’t hurt one.” — Gordy Alderson

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Cost: $500, 520-839-9250 (Alderson has a six- to eight-month wait on his orders.)

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