The Bit that Won the 2021 Team Roping Heading World Title
Kaleb Driggers’ Petska Straight Chain.

Horse: Cuervo

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Bit: Petska Straight Chain

Why? “When I got Cuervo from Jeff Flenniken, that’s what he rode him in. The horse is light and doesn’t ever pull on me, so it really fits him. It’s the normal shank Paul puts on all his bits. Cuervo collects himself really well throughout the run, so I don’t need much bit to help him. In the practice pen, I don’t turn steers on him. I rope, stick it on the saddle horn, bring the steer’s head around and then keep control all the way down the arena. That really helps him stay solid, collected and working.” — Driggers

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From the Maker: “That bit is lighter than a chain port, and that horse doesn’t need much pulling. When I used to rope, I liked my chain because I wanted my horse to run as fast as he could. They’re not scared of the chain, and the stop comes off the curb chain. That keeps him running. Kaleb is so talented with his rope, that the chain helps him with his scoring.” Paul Petska

Cost: Starting at $125, available at tack stores nationwide. 

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