Lone Star Ropes

Manny Egusquiza and Denton Parrish practice on a roping dummy.
How Much Rope Do You Want Between Your Hands?
Manny Egusquiza and Denton Parish demonstrate the ideal length of rope to have between your hands.
Patrick Smith backed into the roping box on a horse.
Heelers, Here's How You Can Improve Your Timing
Patrick Smith explains how to hone your sense of timing.
Dustin Equisquiza backed in the box on his horse, ready to rope
How Dustin Egusquiza Angles His Head Swing
Dustin Egusquiza explains how he adjusts swing to get clean head catches.
ColemanWithHorse_File Photo
Roping Right to Left, with Coleman Proctor
Left to right or both horns at once? Coleman Proctor weighs in.
manny lone star frio_
Lone Star Roping Tips Dummy Patrick Smith
Avoid These Mistakes When Roping the Ground Dummy
Common mistakes when roping the ground dummy—and how to fix them before they become bad roping habits.
Lone Star Ropes Roundtable Talk: The Evolution
Lone Star Ropes' Pro Team sits down to talk about the evolution of team roping.