Splitting the horns. Not being in tune with your horse. Even the pros have these problems. In this video brought to you by Lone Star Ropes, Dustin Egusquiza shares his fixes for these common issues.

“I have two different types of misses: At the jackpots, for a long time, I would run in close to the steer and have too high of an angle, so I would split the horns a lot, where I didn’t cover the left horn and just split ’em. … And at the rodeos over the summer, when we’re traveling a lot and not getting much practice in, I feel like I get out of whack with my horses after a while.”

About the Lone Star Helix Head Rope:

The Lone Star Helix Rope is uniquely engineered, and features a multi-directional, double-twisted core, to allow the center core to counterbalance the rope as a whole. This, combined with Lone Star’s evenly tensioned and precise core-shell strands, allows ropers an industry-first choice of weight and size in the same feel and constructed rope. This rope has a smooth body and a fast feel.

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