Weapons of Choice

The Ropes That Got the Top 8 to Puyallup’s Final Sunday in 2023
The weapons of choice for the best in the world roping in Puyallup's 2023 Final Sunday.

These are the team ropes that the top eight on each end in Puyallup will use to battle for the $13,000-a-man title and a trip to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for the Governor’s Cup Sept. 28-30.

Puyallup Short Round Ropes
HeadersHead RopeHeelersHeel Rope
Keven DanielFast Back Ultimate 4 XSTravis GravesClassic Powerline MH
Erich RogersClassic Powerline XSPaul EavesClassic Powerline HM
Coy RahlmannClassic Powerline XSJonathan TorresClassic Powerline M
Tanner TomlinsonLone Star Frio SPatrick SmithLone Star Thunderbird M
Luke BrownClassic Powerline XSHunter KochClassic Powerline HM
Tyler WadeClassic Powerline SWesley ThorpClassic NV4 HM
Cody SnowClassic Powerline SRoss AshfordClassic Powerline M
Clay SmithClassic Powerline SColeby PayneClassic Powerline HM

Rope Junkie? Here are the 2022 NFR Rope Selections:

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