In team roping, finding the perfect head swing angle can make all the difference between a winning run and a missed opportunity. In this video brought to you by Lone Star Ropes, Egusquiza explains how he adjusts this head swing angle.

“A coil back or further, I’m going to rope both my horns at the same time, and my angle will be a little higher over the horns, flat, and if anything, just a little bit to the left I feel like. But as I get closer to the dummy or the steer, my angle drops down.”

Watch “Dustin Egusquiza’s Head Swing Angle” Now:

About the Lone Star Ropes Helix Head Rope:

The Lone Star Helix Rope is uniquely engineered and features a multi-directional, double-twisted core to allow the center core to counterbalance the rope as a whole. This, combined with evenly tensioned and precise core shell strands, allows ropers an industry-first choice of weight and size in the same feel and constructed rope. This rope has a smooth body and a fast feel.

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