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Team Roping Tips

Brazile and Baker’s Masterclass on Rope Horse Bits and Bridles

Take notes as Miles and Trevor walk you through the tack room to discuss rope horse bits.

Rope Horse Care

Miles Baker’s Vital Feed Regimen

Taking you into Miles Baker's feed room.

Team Roping Tips

The Types of Runs That Keep Young Horses Solid

Keep your young horse solid in his runs with help from Trevor and Miles.

Team Roping Tips

Developing a Corner on Young Head Horses

Miles Baker explains how to develop a corner on young head horses.


Trevor Brazile, Patrick Smith and Miles Baker Join Coaching Staff July 1

World Champions join’s coaching staff as The Team Roping Journal takes the reins of the online video platform.

"The Score" Podcast

Cowboy-Style Heel-Horse Training Insights with Miles Baker

Miles Baker shares with us the training insights that helped make top-tier heel-horse talent, brought to you by Manna Pro.

"The Score" Podcast

The Foundation Training Philosophy Behind Some of Roping’s Top Horses

The Score's first BONUS episode in Season 4 with Miles Baker.


Horse Sale at Rancho Rio Tops $2.5 Million as Rope Horse Prices Continue to Skyrocket

The Horse Sale at Rancho Rio averaged $48,000 in its sixth year.

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

Harrison’s Horse Swap Pays Off in World Standings Race

Joseph Harrison got off his great Main Street Boon in favor of a 7-year-old ranch horse.

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