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The G.O.A.T.: Jackyl

The story of one of the greatest heel horses—Jackyl.

Rope Horses

The DEFINITIVE List of 2019 NFR Qualifying Rope Horses and Their Bloodlines

A breakdown of the breeding of each of the 2019 NFR qualifiers’ main horses' papers, and what trends that uncovers in top-level rope horses.

Rodeo Road

Semi-Retired Brazile in Serious Hunt for 25th Gold Buckle

Trevor Brazile is number-two in the PRCA's steer roping world standings at the beginning of August.


Knowing Your Horse In Jackpots or Rodeo Situations with Dustin Bird

Dustin Bird talks about paying close attention to your horse in jackpot or rodeo situations.

"The Score" Podcast

The Score: Season 2, Episode 9: Patrick Smith’s Amigo

Patrick Smith describes the legacy of his great horse Amigo.

Team Ropers

Buying & Selling 101

The dos and don'ts in the buying and selling horse business.

Team Ropers

Mare Power: Greatest Mares in the Team Roping Industry

The team roping industry is one of the few in the equine world that relies so heavily on geldings. But over the years, a few exceptional mares have stood out from the pack to win world titles, major jackpots and millions upon millions in cash. We searched the records and mined the memories of ropings’ legends to come up with 13 iconic horses who happen to have the XX chromosome.

Rodeo Road

Dr. Colter Negranti: Tips For Keeping Your Rope Horse Sound

Customize their care case by case.

Team Ropers

The X Factor: What Makes Good Rope Horses Great

From the rope-pulled, 30-foot barrier at the Cheyenne (Wyo.) Frontier Days to the short score of Nampa, Idaho’s Snake River Stampede, the summer run is where horses make or break a cowboy’s season. With guys mounting-out when they can’t have their horses in two places at once, the candidates for PRCA/AQHA Horse of the Year begin to shine as the ones who get the bronze have usually carried multiple cowboys to big paydays throughout the year.

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