Bach Eager for First Shot at Cinch Timed Event Championship
Joel Bach, replacing an injured Russell Cardoza, is ready to compete at the Lazy E Arena's Ironman event March 8 through 10.

Joel Bach, the 29-year-old header and heeler with $461,672 in ProRodeo team roping earnings, will replace an injured Russell Cardoza in the Lazy E Arena’s Cinch Timed Event Championship March 8 through 10. 

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Bach heading for father and four-time World Champion Allen at the 2012 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. | TRJ File Photo by Kerri Allardyce

“I feel like ever since I went and helped—probably starting eight years ago—I’ve wanted to do it,” Bach said. “Heck yeah. I’ve tried to get in once or twice, but didn’t quite have the steer wrestling credentials.”

Bach still doesn’t have much steer wrestling experience, but he plans to go to Rope and Cash Myers’ arena and get some tips. Bach helped both Rope and Cash in their prior outings at the Cinch Timed Event Championship, and Cash will be in the field again this year. 

Bach, who heeled in 2018 for Shane Philipp, has also helped Dean Gorsuch, Cade Swor and JoJo LeMond at past Cinch Timed Event Championships. 

“I’m going to practice a lot for it because I’m going to win that thing,” Bach said. “I wanted to steer wrestle plenty, but I don’t know how much. I will do a lot of ground work and dummy rope. I don’t know that I’ll be getting off on 10 a day, but I won’t necessarily wing it. It’s $20k a steer in the bull dogging. So many guys have gotten hurt practicing, and I’d feel really silly not even getting a chance to go if I got hurt.”

Bach is set in the head and heel horse department and plans to ask Roy Cooper to borrow a calf horse. He also plans to trip on Texas’ Robby Ritchey’s horse that Clayton Hass rode in 2018. 

“And then the steer wrestling, that’s the only horse I’m not quite sure yet,” Bach said. “I’d like to ride that grey that Trevor rides, but whatever Rope or Cash thinks.”

Bach asked his dad, four-time PRCA World Champion Heeler Allen Bach, to heel for him, but Bach said his dad wants to watch. In the meantime, Bach has reached out to guys like Jade Corkill with the hope that he’ll be free to help. 

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