Pedigrees of The 2023 American Rodeo’s Head Horses
The 2023 American Rodeo will feature 10 of the best head horses in professional team roping in Arlington, Texas's Globe Life Field.
American Rodeo Head Horses
Clay Smith, Rhen Richard and Brenten Hall | RC Photography

The 2023 American Rodeo in Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, will show off the skills of 10 of the best head horses in the sport—with some vying for a $1-million payday.

Erich Rogers is a Contender—a returning champ riding the only mare in the field named Popular And Famous. She’s also the youngest in the field at 9.

Kaleb Driggers will ride the oldest horse in the field at 19‚ the great Transmission owned by Clint Summers. Both Rhen Richard and Contender Cooper White will ride grade horses. JR Dees opts for straight run on his horse’s papers, and so does Andrew Ward. Clay Smith and Rogers both gofer a run-cow cross.

How to Watch the American Rodeo

Head Horses

Kaleb Driggers & WSR Hesa Alive

The back-to-back World Champion header Driggers will borrow Clint SummersWSR Hesa Alive, raised by Western States Ranches and made by the Jay and Randon Adams. Driggers jumped on ‘Transmission’ in San Antonio, too, where he made the short round.

Tanner Tomlinson & O Lena Cee Booge Red

This is Tomlinson’s gray that he rode all regular season in 2022 and now in 2023.

Clay Tryan Undecided

Clay has yet to choose his mount for the 2023 American Rodeo.

Andrew Ward & Cole E Man

Ward will get back on the horse he won last year’s American Rodeo aboard—the same horse he’s done most of his winning with, including the 2023 Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, 2022 Lone Star Shootout and Reno Open and the 2021 NFR average.


JR Dees & Prince Of Ivory

Cody Snow sold JR Dees this speed-demon head horse.

Clay Smith & Chief Quanah Parker

Clay Smith has been on a tear this winter, winning Odessa and Denver on 17-year-old Chief, the gelding he borrowed from friend Clay Deen.

Rhen Richard & Rich

Sadly, “Rich” is grade. We know—weird. Rhen rides a good one no matter what, though.

Erich Rogers & Popular And Famous

Cooper White & Hippie


Brenten Hall & Baylite Buster

Hall’s “TimeBomb” is the quirky bay that’s put the Jay, Oklahoma header on the map.

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