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The Head & Heel Horses of the 2023 Cinch Playoffs Governor’s Cup
The horses you'll see in the Round of 8 of the 2023 Governor's Cup team roping.
Coleman Proctor
Proctor and Heisman celebrate after winning Round 2 of the 2023 Cinch Playoffs Governor's Cup. | TRJ File Photo

The 2023 Governor’s Cup team roping is full of elite horsepower, more similar to the horsepower we’ll see at the Thomas & Mack come December than the Cheyenne Frontier Days short round horse list.

  • The only mare in the field is Brenten Hall’s DMO Sand Drifter, owned by Ken Bray and Logan Olson. She is the talented mare that won the NFR average title with Erich Rogers in 2020, and the horse that’s been a fill-in for Paden Bray’s partners ever since. She’s by Logan Olson’s former stallion Dash OnA Drifter, a horse Rogers also rode at the NFR early in his career.
  • 15.8 years is the (predictable) average age of the head horses on the list, with Clint Summers’ WSR Hesa Alive the oldest in the field at 19. He’s also the winningest this year and perhaps one of the winningest of all time, having carried Kaleb Driggers to The American Rodeo title in 2023 with a career that extends back to winning Salinas with breeder Jason Adams back in 2011.
  • The heel horses are predictably younger, averaging 11.25 years. The youngest is fresh out of his futurity year—Logan Medlin’s TRR Freckles Holidoc. Wesley Thorp is also riding a former futurity mount in Juiced Up Cat, his 2020 ARHFA World Champion.
  • The Tongue River Ranch has two horses in the clean-slate short round today—Colter Todd’s TRR Big Hustler, owned by World Champ Paul Eaves, and Medlin’s TRR Freckles Holidoc.

Brenten Hall and Paden Bray

Head Horse: DMO Sand Drifter, 16-year-old mare

Heel Horse: Hugh Hefner, 18-year-old grade gelding

Clay Smith and Coleby Payne

Head Horse: Chief Quannah Parker, 17-year-old gelding

Chief Quanah Parker

Heel Horse: Cut Off My Spots, 14-year-old gelding

Tyler Wade and Wesley Thorp

Head Horse: Espuelo Bro, 16-year-old gelding

Heel Horse: Juiced Up Cat, 9-year-old gelding

Luke Brown and Hunter Koch

Head Horse: DM Jet Off, 14-year-old gelding

Heel Horse: Two Sock Chic Cody, 13-year-old gelding

Clint Summers and Jake Long

Head Horse: WSR Hesa Alive, 19-year-old gelding

Heel Horse: JC Bar Diamond, 11-year-old gelding

JC Bar Diamond, Jake Long

Marcus Theriot and Cole Curry

Head Horse: Grand Two Eyed Dan, 16-year-old gelding

Heel Horse: Liken It Tuff, 9-year-old gelding

Coleman Proctor and Logan Medlin

Head Horse: SCR Sporties Playgun, 15-year-old gelding

Heel Horse: TRR Freckles Holidoc, 7-year-old gelding

Derrick Begay and Colter Todd

Head Horse: Not Actually Grade But…

Heel Horse: TRR Big Hustler, 12-year-old gelding

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