Leading the Way: These 7 Futurity Horses Roll Into Fort Worth Hot Off Regular-Season Wins
With the American Rope Horse Futurity Association World Finals kicking off in a week with record numbers and a massive $700,000-plus payout, these seven horses have already gotten big wins in 2021 to prepare them for the knife fight.


Lincoln, Nebraska

June 19-20, 2021

Open Heading

Shane Philipp and Mr Social On Line Courtesy Elite Equine Promotions

Mr Social On Line

Bloodlines: Shine On Line x Spooky Lil Lena

Score: 901.78


Shown by: Shane Philipp

Owned by: Shane Philipp

“The biggest thing with that horse is they rode him as a reiner and he got too big for that. He’s a big horse, and it don’t bother him to rope on him. I rode him at the Bob Feist, and if I could have got back on him he’d have done good there. When he’s 8 years old he’s the horse that everybody is going to want. I placed on him at Rock Springs, I won a round on him at Oklahoma City, and those are the only places I’ve taken him. He’s done good when I didn’t mess up.” — Shane Philipp

Open Heeling

Dakota Kirchenschlager and Hat Six Fine Dinero Courtesy Elite Equine Promotions

Hat Six Fine Dinero

Bloodlines: Lil Joe Cash x Hat Six Fine Freckle

Age: 6

Score: 915.15

Shown by: Dakota Kirchenschlager

Owned by: Walter Greeman

“He placed at three of the four futurities. He’s a big, strong horse, and he’s not this little petite horse. He’s very athletic and he’s cowy, and he obviously stops good and he reads the cow good. They showed him in the cow horse and it shows. Brad Lund has had him in training all year. I saw him right before the world show, and we found out he was only 5. I started out riding him in Arizona and placed on him, and every futurity he’s let me ride him. I’ll get to ride him at the futurity and at the world show. He’s a very, very nice horse. I’m fortunate enough that I get to ride him.” — Dakota Kichenschlager

RedBud Spectacular

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

June 5-6, 2021

Open Heading

Trevor Brazile and BoomBoom Firecracker Courtesy Elite Equine Promotions

BoomBoom Firecracker

Bloodlines: Firewaterontherocks x Taras First Note

Age: 5

Score: 926.94

Shown by: Trevor Brazile

Owned by: Treda LLC (Trevor & Shada Brazile)

“He won second in the 4-year-old division and second overall last year in Fort Worth. He’s done well, and he’s been a really unique horse. My wife bred him. He’s out of a First Down Dash mare, by Firewaterontherocks. He wasn’t big enough for her, so we broke him as a 3-year-old. He was so doscile as a 3-year-old, and then midway through his 4-year-old year he woke up. I had taken some short cuts, and I was paying for those mistakes. So what I’ve learned through training him is that there are short cuts, and you’ll get away with them, but you end up having to go back and fix stuff. He got heat tested early, and he’s made a great horse. He’s already gone to the BFI and the ProRodeos with Miles. His foot speed is his biggest attribute. He can really move his feet and works off his butt really well, and with all the running blood, he scores every time. He’s a product of everything we’ve been doing. I’ve been able to see his process through and I’ve learned a lot with him.” — Trevor Brazile

Open Heeling

Shay Carroll and JKC Hesaplayinrascal Courtesy Elite Equine Promotions

JKC Hesaplayinrascal

Bloodlines: Bet Hesa Cat x Play Dual

Age: 6

Score: 922.09

Shown by: Shay Carroll

Owned by: Shay Carroll

“3C Performance Horses are super genererous people, and they gave both Rhett Baker and I a horse. They gave this horse to Rhett, and he did all the training on this him. As a 5-year-old I showed him in Ardmore at the Rope Horse Futurity. I missed in the third round to be high call. At that time Rhett still owned him, and Feb. 20 of this year Tyson Benson showed him at the World’s Greatest Horseman. Rhett told me he’d like me to have him, and he came up with a number that just so happened to work out. I did the deal right there—we didn’t really try him. I knew that was a horse I wanted. We got him bought, and got him vet-checked. That was a Tuesday, and the next week was the Redbud. That was June 10, and I won Pleasant Grove, Utah on him to be 3.5. I never rode him until I sold my good bay at the end of the year. I’ve probably won $16,000 this last month. I won Stephenville, placed in a round at Ellensburg, placed at Kennewick and a few other places. I’ve got lots of 3C Horses and I’m excited about all of them. This horse will perform to the best of his ability at Fort Worth. He’s a seasoned horse for a 6-year-old. He give us a good chance to be competitive on difficult steers in a tough setup. If you take a green horse there, they’ll look green. The futurities are not set up to be simple. You can’t sneak by a horse on more than one run. A lot of guys thought the steers were too fast, the barrier was too long, but I personally always liked that. This horse is solid and seasoned, and the guys before me did such a nice job on him. You can just show up with horses that are ready and give you a good chance.” — Shay Carroll

Oil Can Classic

April 9-10, 2021

Open Heading

Trevor Brazile and BoomBoom Firecracker Courtesy Elite Equine Promotions

BoomBoom Firecracker

Bloodlines: Firewaterontherocks x Taras First Note

Score: 925

Shown by: Trevor Brazile

Owned by: Treda LLC (Trevor & Shada Brazile)

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How Brazile Progressed Through Bridles on BoomBoom Firecracker

Open Heeling

Cole Davison and CR Deeva Courtesy Elite Equine Promotions

CR Deeva

Bloodlines: Woody Be Tuff x Cee Dee Royal Tee

Age: 5

Score: 929.3

Shown by: Cole Davison

Owned by: Jay McCarley

“Jay McCarley and I bought her at the end of her 3-year-old-year from Casey Rice and Travis Medley. They bought her out of the cutting futurity sale. I didn’t show her her 4-year-old year. I didn’t think she was quite ready. Rhen had her for 90 days. Honestly, not showing her that 4-year-old year and letting her grow up put her mentally ahead. She’s game-on at all times. I could ride her anywhere I needed her: major jackpot or rodeo. She’s got a lot of run and a lot of eye-appeal. She stands out to me and looks good doing it. Jay heads, and I headed about three in front of Tate Kirchenschlager on her, and he acted like he wanted to show her in the heading next year. But I don’t want her to go far—she’ll be in my string for a while. She’s just one of those horses that can do anything.” — Cole Davison

Arizona Sun Circuit

February 27-28, 2021

Open Heading

Andy Holcomb and Walkin The Dog Courtesy Elite Equine Promotions

Walkin The Dog

Bloodlines: War Bird Dog x Peppys Love

Age 6

Score: 926.5

Shown By: Andy Holcomb

Owned by: Blake and Liz Hirdes

“He’s a little bit smaller of a horse as far as head horses go. He’s really good in the box, and he moves his feet really good and he’s really elevated in the front end. He’s got a lot of presence. Even the year before, last year when I showed him, he placed and won money in the heading. He reads a cow real good, runs to a cow real good. Quint Hall, a kid in Paso Robles, owned him as a 2-year-old until his mid-5-year-old year. He did all the roping on him, and he dayworks and is a real good hand. He had me show him last year, and then May of 2020 Liz Hirdes bought the horse.” — Andy Holcomb

Open Heeling

Cord Forzano and Ima Trashy Romeo Courtesy Elite Equine Promotions

Ima Trashy Romeo

Bloodlines: Gunnatrashya x Zan Olena

Age: 5

Score: 920.75

Shown By: Cord Forzano

Owned by: Cord Forzano (now owned by Sammy and Renee Habib Jr.)

“Dakota Kirchenschlager got him at Alan Chappell’s looking at horses for two or three days. There was this little fat chestnut that was one of his buddy’s horses. The guy never paid his board, and he ended up with him. He hadn’t been ridden in months, and Dakota and I liked him and got on him. We went there looking for other horses and we ended up with him. I don’t feel like I’ve gotten his full potential yet, and he’s good minded to boot. He stops so pretty. He’s got more cow than the other Gunnatrashyas I’ve owned. We won second in the 4-year-old deal, and a kid who works for me won two rounds in the non-pro on him. He goes to whoever needs him. That kid was a low-numbered heeler and he just did his job. That’s him really. He’s athletic and just like all the other good ones. My boy is 6-years-old and he rides him more than anybody.” — Cord Forzano TRJ

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