The Team Roper’s Winter Horse Care Guide

Your guide for managing arthritis in the winter, giving your injured equine athlete time off with Patrick Smith, vet checks and tips on winter water intake, brought to you by Cosequin.

Caring for horses of any discipline can be tricky during the winter months. That’s why it is important to understand and identify a beneficial joint care plan before the snowy days hit your barn. In this Extra, brought to you by Cosequin®, you’ll learn how to keep an older horse with arthritis going down the road in the winter months, how Two-time World Champion Heeler Patrick Smith handled his heel horse rehabilitation, gain understanding of a pre-purchase exam and discover information on how to keep your head and heel horses hydrated despite the cold.

In our 22nd edition of the TRJ Extra, you’ll receive the following:

• A Guide for Managing Arthritis in the Winter

• Patrick Smith’s Remuda Rehabilitation

• The Importance of a Pre-Purchase Exam

• Information to Keep a Horse Hydrated in the Winter

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