Meet “Glory” a.k.a. Relentless Glory, a five-year-old mare who is part of Trevor Brazile’s and Miles Baker’s Relentless Remuda.

In this “Relentless Insights” video, powered by Cactus Ropes, Brazile has a practice session on Glory and ends the day on a good note:

“I ended the day on her coming off into my hand and felt like she reacted to it good, didn’t really fight it,” Brazile said. “So I think, I think it was a good time to quit her as far as that goes.”

More about Relentless Glory

Glory is a full sibling to the Relentless Remuda’s futurity horse Relentless Big Shot. She is a bit behind because she had cut her hoof last year so she only went to two shows.

Trevor Brazile and Relentless Glory Rock Royal Crown 6-&-Under Heading in Waco

“This mare is good on both ends,” Brazile said. “I feel like since she did get behind, she got more repetition, like in a day than a lot of horses did. This mare has always had a lot of presence in just the way she moved, but she kind of got put on back burner as far as just roping and here to help other horses that we were showing at the time. And so in that there’s have some good and bad things came out of it because like, if I was going to a jackpot, this mare is so forgiving and she’s good at either end, but sometimes she may not be as perfect in the box as I want one yet, just because she hasn’t matured in that aspect enough, but I think we’re getting there. And I think this year, especially by, you know, August, September, October, we should have what I think we should have had all along because her riding and experience is finally caught up to her process.”

About the Relentless Remuda

The Relentless Remuda is the hand-selected horse herd of 26-time World Champion Trevor Brazile and trainer Miles Baker. Pursuing excellence in equine athletes in the rope horse industry, Brazile and Baker are raising and training the next level of rope horse in Decatur, Texas, and Mountain Park, Oklahoma. The horses of the Relentless Remuda are designed to compete across the western performance disciplines and at every level of team roping competition, from the futurities to the National Finals Rodeo and Ariat World Series of Team Roping Finale.

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