Because ropers have been binge-watching the old-school Mo’Betta Calf Ropings from the 1990s in record-fashion, decided to drop two bonus years of footage Sept. 8, 2023—the 1996 and 1997 Mo’Betta Calf Ropings from Apache, Oklahoma.


“We’ve been getting texts and phone calls from the best team ropers and calf ropers in the world who are rodeoing right now, saying that these old ropings are their lifeline right now while they’re camping in the Northwest,” Publisher Chelsea Shaffer said. “It’s a riot—this is exactly why we wanted to partner with RodeoVideo on this footage—to bring this amazing content back to the forefront and to showcase the legends of the sport once more. Rodeo Video is truly rodeo history, and now it’s no longer lost to the archives with outdated technology.”

Mo Betta Calf Roping
Cover for the 1994 Mo’Betta Calf Roping DVD from Rodeo Video.—powered by The Team Roping Journal—now offers six years of the iconic Mo’Betta Calf Roping, from 1992 to 1997, featuring the likes of Roy Cooper, Fred Whitfield, Joe Beaver, Maury Tate, Mike Johnson and many more. Meanwhile, the site also features the Spicer Gripps—including the calf roping, team roping and ProAms—from 2006 to 2009.

“We’ve been watching these in the Totterhome everywhere we go,” seven-time NFR header Coleman Proctor said. “Jake Long and I watched this stuff the whole way to Calgary. I love it.”

The streaming site also offers all four MegaMatches produced by RodeoVideo, featuring Jake Barnes and Clay Cooper versus Bobby Hurley and Allen Bach; Steve Purcella and Steve Northcott versus Matt Tyler and Kory Koontz; Trevor Brazile and Wayne Fuller versus Kevin Stewart and Martin Lucero; and Derrick Begay and Cesar de la Cruz versus Matt Sherwood and Cory Petska.

“I love watching the Mo’Bettas,” 14-time NFR heeler Travis Graves said. “They’re awesome. Everything is releasing is bringing these old ropings back so the next generation can watch them, and our generation can’t get enough of them, either.” has the recent history of the Wildfire Open to the Worlds on the schedule for later this fall, as well as the rest of the Mo’Betta Calf Ropings scheduled through fall 2023 and winter 2024.