The prolific Mega Match Reboot between Cody Ohl and Shad Mayfield is streaming on, with proceeds from the viewing going to the Corey Carrington Benefit Fund.

The match pitted the six-time World Champion Ohl against the 2020 World Champion Mayfield over 10 head in Hico, Texas, marking the first time the two have matched raising over $25,000 for Carrington, who battles spinal stenosis and has been Mayfield’s driver for much of his career.

25% of Each Membership Purchased After the Free Trial Via the Ohl vs. Mayfield Match Donated Directly to Corey Carrington’s Medical Expenses

Cody Ohl vs. Shad Mayfield Match has donated proceeds from stream footage to charity in the past—including to Charly Crawford’s American Military Celebration by streaming his clinic for veterans at NRS in Decatur, Texas.