Dakota Kirchenschlager’s Headset Tool
This month’s favorite bit Dakota Kirchenschlager's Jim Collins bit.

This month’s favorite bit: Jim Collins

“It works really good on horses that want to stick their nose out when they stop because of how that port is shaped against the top of their mouth. The horse that I rode had horrible front teeth and doesn’t accept a pull very well. I’ve always used a bridle that would make her bridle up more than a normal bridle would. You could pick up on her, but she’d tuck up with the bit if you stopped her in the bridle because she’s just not good with her face when it comes to accepting the pull. The bridle doesn’t make the horse, the hand makes the horse. It’s just a tool that helps with their headset and accept the pull so that, as they get older, it makes your life easier. You have to know how to use it. Don’t overuse it or under use it. It’s a fine line.” 

—Dakota Kirchenschlager,  Three-time NFR Qualifier 

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