Dog-bone: Lane Siggins’ Preston Williams Hardware Bit
This month’s favorite bit: Preston Williams Hardware

Twisted bars with a dog-bone mouthpiece with medium shanks

Lane Siggins’ Preston Williams Hardware Dog-bone Bit Courtesy Lane Siggins

Roper’s Take 

“I like a broken bit on my horses. I don’t really ride anything solid unless I have a horse that leaks with his shoulders. Shooter stays pretty straight. In the last year, he’s allowed me to push on him more, so I don’t have to have as much bridle on him. I ride a leather curb strap on it. Shooter is extremely light. It’s a dog-bone. It’s next to nothing. It’s got a little spoon dog-bone with a roller on it. It does have a lot of feel. It’s twisted so he doesn’t ever just run through it but at the same time it’s not very much bridle.”

—Lane Siggins, 2019 BFI Champion Heeler

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Maker’s Take 

“It’s a good, all-around bit. It’s good for a young horse to go into from a transition from a snaffle. When you get a little more twist, it adds a little more to it.”

—Preston Williams, 520-709-0409

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