5 Drags to Level Your Roping Arena
Top of the line arena drags that will help you keep your roping arena safe to help your team roping horses perform their best.

ABI TR3 “E” Trevor Brazile Edition

ABI TR3 “E” Trevor Brazile Edition

Trevor Brazile teamed up with ABI Equine to create an arena drag that is designed for roping and rodeo events. The TR3 E Trevor Brazile Edition has more than 20 years of innovative technology experience. It is designed to prepare your arena and boxes to conditions to help your equine athletes perform at their best.

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Build Your Dream Arena 

Black Widow Groomer

The Black Widow Groomer is an easy-to-operate arena drag that produces suitable footing for your performance horse needs. Instead of bouncing and jumping over rough terrain while dragging your arena, the Black Widow Groomer is level to the ground to groom all spots of your arena. The drag itself has enough weight to rip up packed ground and turn it into the arena footing that your rope horse needs to perform its best.

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Arena Werks H2O Pro

Used by team ropers like World Champion Junior Nogueira, the Arena Werks H2O Pro arena drag is the ultimate drag for team ropers at any level. The H2O Pro allows you to water, rip, level and fluff your arena at once. This drag includes hydraulic ripper teeth, two round harrows to help level the arena, two extra rows of teeth to help rip and drag, and a roller at the back of the drag to fluff or pack your arena.

The Arena Werks H2O Pro includes a PTO water pump, which can be turned off and on from the comfort of your tractor seat. This drag comes in multiple sizes to match your unique needs.

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Practice Paradise: The Best in the World’s Arena Dimensions

Red River Arena Buster 2.0

The Red River Arena Buster 2.0 arena groomer is designed to plow and level your roping arena. The newly redesigned 8-foot attachment is hot-dip galvanized post-production to protect the drag from corrosion. With eight ripper shanks angled at the front of the drag, this drag makes hard ground a piece of cake. The 13 “S” Tines allow you to work your arena instead of scraping the top of the dirt. The “S” Tines are backed up by an angled leveling bar that is height adjustable, followed by the rear tumbler which helps break up dirt clods to leave your roping arena smooth and safe.

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EZ Groomer

The EZ Groomer is here to provide top quality drags to groom your arena footing to keep you and your equine athlete safe. With arena drags that measure between 4 feet and 12 feet, all you need is a tractor or ATV to pull the EZ Groomer. The EZ Groomer works in all types of arena footings and is simple to use with it’s easy adjusting, minimal moving parts. The EZ Groomer is family owned and produced in Molalla, Oregon. It’s vibrating “S” Tines can be adjusted to the depth you’d like, followed by a leveling bar to smooth any high spots and pull excess dirt to fill holes. The rear roller is the final touch on the EZ Groomer to condition the surface of your arena.

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