Horse Travel 101: Your Arizona-Travel Checklist

Before you load up and head to the Arizona desert for wintertime fun, make sure your rig is ready for the trek, and pack the necessities so nothing spoils the fun.


Strap on a pair of Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots ($195; during the haul to help pre­vent any soreness your horse might get. Provide hay for your horse at all times with a slow-feed hay bag like the Hay Chix Micro Mini Net ($30; to help prevent stress, pawing or kick­ing in the trailer. If you want to make minimum stops, then load up on all your favorite snacks and drinks in a Yeti Hopper Flip 18 Soft Cooler ($250; 

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Make sure that you have a current roadside assistant plan like US Rider (, which specializes in covering vehicles and trailers towing horses. You can purchase the Classic Plan for $159 a year or the Premier Plan for $329 a year.

Call US Rider

[Build Your Own Vet Kit]


4×4 Sterile Pads


Back On Track Quick Wraps

Pro-Grade Farrier Kit

Bulk Epsom Salts

Vet Wrap


Vetricyn Plus Eye Care

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Be sure to pack a vet kit, such as the Curicyn 36-piece Equine Triage Kit ($70; curi­ for all your emergency needs on the road. Have a 500 ml bottle of Zesterra ($130; to help lessen the risk of colic or stomach ulcers with the stress of hauling and climate change. Banamine and “bute” are also import­ant to keep on hand. Keep plenty of water buckets and electrolyte powder or paste in your mangers to encourage hydration. 


Make sure your pickup is ready for the long drive into warmer weather with a fresh oil change and new air filter. Check the tread on your tires to lessen the risk of blowouts, and make an appointment for a tire rotation and alignment, too. 

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Check the bearings and tires on the rig before you leave. If you’re taking a living quarters trailer, your generator might need an oil change. You’ll want your AC unit in working order, so fire it up to be sure it will keep you cool in the Arizona sun. Double-check the pipes under your trailer to be sure nothing bounced out of place on your last trip. Make sure you pack a Trailer-Aid tire ramp ( and a four-way lug wrench to make tire changing quick and easy. 

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